власність, майно; земельна власність; право власності; об'єкт права власності; володіння (територія, залежна від метрополії); маєток

property acquired during marriage — власність, придбана протягом шлюбу

property forfeit into the state — = property forfeit to the state

property in possession of mortgagee — заставлене нерухоме майно

property of international organization — власність міжнародної організації

- property administration
- property boundary
- property category
- property crime
- property criminal
- property damage
- property damage accident
- property deal
- property destruction
- property deprivation
- property dispute
- property expropriation
- property forfeit to the state
- property fraud
- property given to charity
- property holdings
- property in action
- property in movable things
- property in patent
- property injury
- property insurance
- property item
- property law
- property levy
- property liability
- property management
- property of husband
- property of nation
- property of the whole people
- property of wife
- property offence
- property offense
- property offender
- property owner
- property owner's liability
- property ownership
- property protection
- property qualification
- property qualifications
- property register
- property relations
- property restitution
- property right
- property rights on separation
- property risk
- property sequestration
- property status
- property suit
- property swindle
- property taken for public use
- property tax
- property tax value
- property taxation
- property theft
- property tort
- property transfer tax
- property transferred by gift
- property valuation

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.

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